[erlang-questions] Fear and Loathing in Programming La La Land

Jan Burse janburse@REDACTED
Thu Mar 29 11:45:26 CEST 2012

Jan Burse schrieb:
> In Erlang I would do it properly functional
> with the record type. So the Java programming pattern
> can be modelled as follows:
> - record(buymilk, {shop='next farmer'}}
> BuyMilk = #buymilk{},
> pid ! BuyMilk
> BuyMilk1 = #buymilk{},
> BuyMilk2 = BuyMilk1#buymilk{shop='shopping mal'}
> pid ! BuyMilk2
> But I guess more elaborate solutions are also
> possible in Erlang.
> Bye

It would be fun if Erlang systems would have
means to optimize the above. Not sure what
happens under the hood.

But from SMTP it can easily be seen that the
set attribute don't eat any bandwidth, at
least during the process communication.


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