[erlang-questions] How to clean up before termination...

Dawid Figiel dawid.figiel@REDACTED
Tue Mar 20 17:17:09 CET 2012


There is a recommendation in Erlang doc, which is telling to set up
the trap_exit to true in the gen_server:init, when want to do clean up
before supervisor will terminate the gen_server.


My question is:
What for trap_exit has to be set to true when the clean up is needed?

The place for doing some clean ups is under terminate function.
We want to have trape_exit set to true when we need to handle 'EXIT'
signals coming from linked processes to (for example) not crash

The only explanation for me is that the supervisor may crash too and
send 'Exit' to gen_server as well... but this doesn't convince even

Has anyone some explanation for this advice ?



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