[erlang-questions] downgrade / rollback a hot deployment without restarting OTP

Andy Richards andy.richards.iit@REDACTED
Fri Mar 16 11:13:56 CET 2012

Hi All,

I'm struggling to find documentation on how I perform a rollback of a
unsuccessful OTP hot deployment. I'm currently manually creating my .appup
file with upgrade and downgrade instructions and when I perform a
release_handler:install_release("someApp") my application hot deploys
successfully, excellent! What i cant figure out however is if there were a
problem following an upgrade how I downgrade / rollback to the previous
release? Ive tried release_handler:remove_release("someApp") unsuccessfully
as my upgrade remains active and I understand that I can restart OTP before
making the upgrade permanent however in the environment I'm working in a
restart would be unacceptable.

How do I downgrade / rollback a hot deployment without restarting OTP?

Many thanks,

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