[erlang-questions] [OT] Re: GPL vs. whatever [was: Erlang UUID]

Tim McNamara paperless@REDACTED
Thu Mar 15 21:02:35 CET 2012

>>> IMHO, GPL is a far better license than BSD for a developer that intends
>>> to commercialize a product.
>>> The initial developer (copyright holder) always has the option to release
>>> code under a dual license - GPL, BSD, or whatever for an open source
>>> release, something more restrictive for the commercial product
>>> (potentially with proprietary extensions).

> Tim McNamara wrote:
>> If you're interested in using this approach for your business model,
>> then the AGPL can be a better option.

On 16 March 2012 02:19, Miles Fidelman <mfidelman@REDACTED> wrote:
> Can you elaborate?

The AGPL adds copyleft provisions for services provided via a network.
That is, if you create a service and deliver it via WWW, then you need
to make the source of your service available. The GPL has a smaller

As an example, Nimbus.io went live today. It is an Amazon S3
competitor, providing USD0.06/GB/month storage. One of its taglines i
"100% Open source hardware, client libraries and server software".
However, much (perhaps all, I haven't had a detailed look) of their
software is available via the AGPL. Any competitors who wish to
freeride on the code need to release everything.

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