[erlang-questions] Erlang is the best choice for building commercial application servers

Jan Burse janburse@REDACTED
Thu Mar 15 01:25:13 CET 2012

Richard O'Keefe schrieb:

>  Machine: a MacBook pro with a 2GHz Intel core 2
>  Duo cpu running Mac OS X 10.6.8.
>  Multiplying these numbers by 6000 to match Jan Burse's:
>  	Me	    Him	     Him, scaled
>  Erlang  16.8 m      ~60 ms   ~ 72.9 ms
>  Java    19.2 ms     ~30 ms   ~ 36.5 ms
>  (The scaled column assumes that the 2430 number is CPU
>  speed; if that's not what it is, ignore that column.)

What Java did you use? There are pretty differences between
JDK 1.6 and JDK 1.7, and between 32-bit and 64-bit. You
don't say this in your post. (This is kind of the crucial point
of my post, that JDK 1.7 is special)

Getting JDK 1.7 for a Mac is a little tricky but possible. I
have 1.7.0u.jdk, and lacks a little bit behind the Windows
JDK 1.7 in updates.

> he measures the time to create the initial data
> list as well, which the Java version doesn't.

I am assuming that Erlang optimizes away constant
expressions similarly. But anyway the algorithm is
O(n^2), so creating a list O(n) shouldn't change that

But I can redo the test on my Windows machine.
Hold on.


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