[erlang-questions] Erlang is the best choice for building commercial application servers

Jan Burse janburse@REDACTED
Wed Mar 14 19:55:46 CET 2012


The benchmark says nothing about the language design.
The language design is very neat. It says something
about the compiler backend and the runtime system.

Probably the meme that Erlang outperforms Java has
reached life cycle end. Since Java is quite old
(born 1995) one would expect that they have already
pushed the limits in speed.

But the boundaries have changed. When transitioning
from 32-bit to 64-bit (more registers), and from JDK 1.6
to JDK 1.7 (better backend and runtime) I observed a
speed up factor of 2.6. Same application and same
hardware, just using a different JVM.

So the competition is on. Maybe there will be a new
beam interpreter in a few years, that can keep up
with the development. Hint: The newer CPUs don't
like branches.

So threaded byte code interpreters, even with
big instructions don't make much sense. Must go
native code generation.


Phillip Toland schrieb:
> This reminds me of the early days of Ruby on Rails. The Java people

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