[erlang-questions] Erlang is the best choice for building commercial application servers

Ngoc Dao ngocdaothanh@REDACTED
Wed Mar 14 02:36:37 CET 2012

The result of Erlang vs Java is obvious.
But how about Erlang vs Scala (with Akka, http://akka.io/)?

> Joe pointed to a very important fact, Java/J2ee is industry (so is c# and
> .net) but Erlnag is a language.
>   Each time I have to look at a WSDL or XML schema to fix a production bug
> in a J2ee application is I ask why Erlang shouldn't be industry? Just
> compare the simplicity and in particular the beauty of distributed Erlang
> with awkwardness of webservice / JMS communications. Quite frankly folks,
> they are really ugly! So are their .net siblings. This is not because I love
> Erlang, I just follow the same sense of beauty that guided mathematicians
> and theoretical physicists for years when they come up with innovative
> ideas. As Hardy used to say "There is no place for ugly mathematics". Why IT
> is missing (or ignoring) such a sense? I don't think what we do is more
> abstract than pure math (Manifold theory for instance). Maybe because IT is
> too young but still we need to start sometime from somewhere.
> Thanks
> Shahrdad

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