[erlang-questions] [ANN] Erlang UUID

james james@REDACTED
Tue Mar 13 21:42:25 CET 2012

 >> What you said was -- erroneous.
 >Only if you don't believe in a free market.  I believe that prices 
 >adjust and value is immediately lost in what you describe.  That is 
 >why I don't consider that approach profitable.

You didn't say profitable.  What you DID say, was wrong, and no amount 
of distraction will change that.

What you said is:

 > This is a little misleading.  You can never sell anything that 
 >contains GPL software

If I sell GreedyCo a GPL solution that helps them make lots of money, it 
might not be in their interest to let anyone else have it, in case they 
lose their edge.  They just have to hope their competitors don't want to 

If I sell NeedyCo a GPL solution where they need (or at least desire) my 
further input and support, and I make that contingent on their NOT 
exercising their GPL-provided right to distribute it, then they may 
consider it in their interest not to upset me.

If I sell MuggedSenseless some GPL software that is so arcane and 
confusing internally and with so little design documentation and so few 
comments that it is impossible for anyone else to maintain, then that's 
OK too.  (Oh wait - that's normal! Silly me!)

I'm not going to argue that what I would call 'premium business market' 
is easy with GPL unless you want to limit yourself to T&M enhancement 
contracts or selling insurance. Very cheap mass market may or may not 
work depending on whether your marketing is more shiny.

Whether or not it makes good business sense, or you can look yourself in 
the mirror afterwards and see a professional, is not relevant.

What you said is quite simply wrong.


(What would be interesting would be: here is some GPL stuff for $10m.
Pay $1m up front and the other $9m when and if you exercise your right 
to copy it to someone else.  Hmm ...)

Look: stop trying to disguise your error under a GPL v BSD religious 
thing.  I don't like it either, OK?  But I do like to think I tried to 
understand what it actually says.

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