[erlang-questions] Erlang is the best choice for building commercial application servers

Shahrdad Shadab shahrdad1@REDACTED
Sun Mar 11 18:09:37 CET 2012

When I was learning Erlang and understanding its capabilities I really
cannot find a satisfactory answer to the question that
why in North America companies like former BEA, former Sun, Oracle , ...
use Java to build commercial application servers instead of Erlang?
>From technical perspective such decision doesn't make any sense to me for
following reasons:

_Java is not a fault tolerant.
_Java performance is nowhere near Erlang.
_Concurrent programming in Java is a pain.
_J2ee Technology introduced as add on to java to make communication cross
servers possible (i.e web services  XML SCHEMA, WSDL) is unreasonably and
grotesquely complicated. (This complication  is dictated by the technology
and not by the problem domain)
_Java is not distributed language (No asynch communication is possible
without JMS, also RMI stub solution is more complicated than it should be).

and many more reasons I can list here.

Thanks in advance
Software Architect & Computer Scientist
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