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On Mar 8, 2012, at 6:13 AM, Daniel Luna wrote:

> This sounds awesome.  I'm sad that I won't be near Berlin when it happens.
> Good luck guys.
> On 5 March 2012 12:55, John-Paul Bader <hukl@REDACTED> wrote:
>> Hey,
>> I want to announce that a bunch of people here in Berlin/Germany are about
>> to organize a community driven erlang conference.
>> We know that there are quite a lot of erlang related conferences by erlang
>> solutions already and we really like them, however we believe it would be
>> great to have an independant, community driven event as well. So we don't
>> want to compete with the existing conferences but add another nice one to
>> the mix.
>> We are still at a very early stage as we are just gathering together all the
>> details and people so please consider any information on this eventual
>> consistent. We don't even have a name yet. Current project title is
>> "Erlounge Conference".
>> Yet we would really like to get some early feedback on this from the
>> community so we don't run into the wrong direction right from the start.
>> This is the brief description of what we want to do:
>> What is it?
>> ===========
>> The erlounge conference is a small single track conference about Erlang and
>> other programming languages with similar concepts like Scala, Clojure and
>> Haskell.
>> It is a non-profit conference which is organized by community effort. The
>> entrance fee will be as low as we can make it so that everybody has a chance
>> attending the conference. Think of a range between 40-80 Euro.
>> The talks will be about real projects and real people, about hacking and
>> inspiraton for what can be done with those languages. It will have talks for
>> beginners as well as experienced developers and in addition there will be
>> lighting talks for showing other cool stuff.
>> Where is it?
>> ============
>> The conference will take place in Berlin / Germany
>> But we have to find a proper venue yet which is suitable for 200-400 people.
>> When is it?
>> ===========
>> We will try to make it happen in fall 2012. Could be one or two days -
>> preferrably on a weekend.
>> What is it about?
>> =================
>> erlang, other functional languages and functional programming in general,
>> building systems that never fail, writing backends for the next big web app,
>> advantages of erlang over other languages like ruby, python, javascript
>> Any feedback is appreciated! We will have a dedicated interface for tracking
>> who would be interested to come later on.
>> Kind regards, John
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