[erlang-questions] Erlang Community Conference

John-Paul Bader hukl@REDACTED
Mon Mar 5 18:55:27 CET 2012


I want to announce that a bunch of people here in Berlin/Germany are 
about to organize a community driven erlang conference.

We know that there are quite a lot of erlang related conferences by 
erlang solutions already and we really like them, however we believe it 
would be great to have an independant, community driven event as well. 
So we don't want to compete with the existing conferences but add 
another nice one to the mix.

We are still at a very early stage as we are just gathering together all 
the details and people so please consider any information on this 
eventual consistent. We don't even have a name yet. Current project 
title is "Erlounge Conference".

Yet we would really like to get some early feedback on this from the 
community so we don't run into the wrong direction right from the start.

This is the brief description of what we want to do:

What is it?

The erlounge conference is a small single track conference about Erlang 
and other programming languages with similar concepts like Scala, 
Clojure and Haskell.

It is a non-profit conference which is organized by community effort. 
The entrance fee will be as low as we can make it so that everybody has 
a chance attending the conference. Think of a range between 40-80 Euro.

The talks will be about real projects and real people, about hacking and 
inspiraton for what can be done with those languages. It will have talks 
for beginners as well as experienced developers and in addition there 
will be lighting talks for showing other cool stuff.

Where is it?

The conference will take place in Berlin / Germany
But we have to find a proper venue yet which is suitable for 200-400 people.

When is it?

We will try to make it happen in fall 2012. Could be one or two days - 
preferrably on a weekend.

What is it about?

erlang, other functional languages and functional programming in 
general, building systems that never fail, writing backends for the next 
big web app, advantages of erlang over other languages like ruby, 
python, javascript

Any feedback is appreciated! We will have a dedicated interface for 
tracking who would be interested to come later on.

Kind regards, John

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