[erlang-questions] Strings usage caveats

Aleksandr Vinokurov aleksandr.vin@REDACTED
Mon Mar 5 14:49:48 CET 2012

Hello all,

I study Erlang strings usage in production. In
doc/efficiency_guide/myths.html there is a paragraph that say
"Actually, string handling could be slow if done improperly. In
Erlang, you'll have to think a little more about how the strings are
used and choose an appropriate representation and use the re module
instead of the obsolete regexp module if you are going to use regular

I have a very poor experience in programming in Erlang/OTP so that
sentence was rather abstract for me. I suppose that the root of the
problems with strings is in variables immutability and thus a copying
of the whole source string in case of its modification. But it seems
to me that it's not that all.

Can you please supply me with the sources to read or examples and
hints about strings performance in Erlang.

Александр Винокуров
+7 (921) 982-21-43

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