[erlang-questions] Obtaining current frame bindings ?

Sébastien Tandel sebastien.tandel@REDACTED
Mon Jun 25 15:04:48 CEST 2012

Hi all,

I have written a simple fault injection server in order to test my code.
I can inject exception, sleep and other some minor perturbations into my
code (at some chosen places, let's call them test points) at runtime and
it's configured thanks to a simple configuration file written in json.

These perturbations are injected after meeting some conditions. For
example, right now, it's based on a counter per test point (if enabled). It
this counter reaches zero, there is an action triggered (exception, sleep,

If this mechanism already provides me lot of testing case, I would like
though extend it to be able to write conditions which are code injection
like, for example, "if N == [].".
I'm able to use correctly erl_scan and erl_parse to obtain the ast.
However, when calling erl_eval:exprs(), I need the bindings of the current
function in which this code runs and I've not been able to find out a way
to obtain these bindings.

Does anyone know whether it's possible? And if it is, how can I obtain it?

Sebastien Tandel
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