[erlang-questions] rebar release not starting with an automated start script

Matthew Hillsborough matthew.hillsborough@REDACTED
Sun Jun 17 03:34:25 CEST 2012

Hi all,

I am using rebar in order to make releases of my Erlang OTP
application. The application runs rock solid thus far. I'm having one
complication where I am trying to script an automated start of the
Erlang application after a reboot. I trimmed down the script to the
ultimate basics and am running something like this, completely
headless (via Jenkins and/or RightScale).

#!/bin/bash -ex

chmod u+x /home/erlang/erlapp/bin/erlapp
/home/erlang/erlapp/bin/erlapp start


The odd part is that it does listen on the TCP port I have it built to
listen and accept connections on. However, no connections make it
through and I cannot attach to the console using
``/home/erlang/erlapp/bin/erlapp attach``.

If I manually execute the above in login shell, everything works just
great. Server starts, I can attach to the console. Server accepts
connections from clients, etc.

Any idea why I can't script start with a rebar release?

Thanks all.


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