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from:  https://github.com/ericmoritz/wsdemo/blob/master/results.md

It seems Erlang's connection time is a little bit high.
SummaryImplementationConnection Time (mean)Latency (mean)MessagesTimeouts
Erlang00.865ms00.017ms28492940Java (Webbit)00.567ms00.835ms1028390157Go
00.284ms18.503ms2398180225Node.js00.768ms42.580ms11708474299Python (ws4py)

Both the Python gevent/ws4py implementation and the Node.js websocket
implementation failed hard with around half of the connections hitting the
2 second TCP connection timeout.

I expected Go to kick Erlang's ass in the performance department but the
message latency was much higher than Erlang's latency and we had 225
unhappy customers. Go only reached C9.775k; close but no cigar.

I did not know what to expect with the Java Webbit implementation. I
expected it to perform somewhere close to the Go implementation. The Webbit
implementation did do much better than the Go implementation but it still
had 157 connection timeouts which is unacceptable.

I was very surprised that node.js fell down after 5001 connections and that
gevent fell down at 4792 connections. Both platforms were specifically
built to for the C10k problem and both platforms could barely handle C5k.
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