[erlang-questions] Dialyzer to cache Hipe compilation

Magnus Henoch magnus.henoch@REDACTED
Tue Jun 12 22:01:17 CEST 2012

Hi all,

I finally decided to try to do something about Dialyzer's startup time,
as it's compiling modules to native code for about a minute on my machine.

The results are here:
git clone -b dialyzer-hipe-cache https://github.com/legoscia/otp.git

The only changed files are dialyzer_cl.erl and hipe.erl; you can compile
them manually and copy them into the appropriate ebin directories.  This
makes Dialyzer cache the compiled modules into ~/.dialyzer_hipe_cache
the first time it's run.

There's probably a nicer solution to this, like building the modules in
question at install time, but this hack seems to work for me... Feedback
is very welcome.

Magnus Henoch
Erlang Solutions Ltd

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