[erlang-questions] The Trinity: ERTS, Emulator, Shell

Avinash Dhumane avinash@REDACTED
Mon Jun 11 16:34:41 CEST 2012

My question was not so much about the semantics of options to "erl" (and  
how to employ them) as the "characteristic relations" between the 3  
"entities" implied by the words mentioned in the subject-line. "erl" (w/  
its options) is merely an occasion into the inquiry.


PS: I have my Erlang-solutions running in the field (and that's purely  
Erlang's greatness!), and prior to that I have spent 15+ years on Unix.

>>>> On Fri, Jun 8, 2012 at 10:24 AM, Avinash Dhumane
>>>> <avinash@REDACTED>wrote:
>>>>> Where may I look further for the basic understanding of  
>>>>> spatio-temporal
>>>>> relations among the "things" named as ERTS, Emulator and Shell? The
>>>>> question occurred while I was toying with "erl" as Unix-filter
>>>>> shell-command and couldn't get over the options (to erl) like
>>>>> "-noshell",
>>>>> "-s", "-detached", init:stop(), and so on in the documentation and in
>>>>> the
>>>>> FAQ.
>>>>> Thanks

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