[erlang-questions] multiple behaviours

Tony Rogvall tony@REDACTED
Wed Jun 6 15:33:15 CEST 2012

On 6 jun 2012, at 14:13, Samuel wrote:

>> I am compiling the canopen stack (git://github.com/tonyrog/canopen.git) and
>> get the following warning:
>> ../src/co_os_app.erl:37: Warning: conflicting behaviours - callback
>> index_specification/2 required by both 'co_stream_app' and 'co_app' (line
>> 36)
>> The question is:
> And no question followed ;)
> Ideally you could suppress the warning as you really intend to share
> the same function for both behaviours, but as far as I know there is
> not such an option in the compiler, so you either suppress all
> warnings for that module or learn to live with this one.

> Or, as you also suggest, write a new behaviour combining those two. If
> this situation is not common in your design I would suggest this
> solution as prevents you from going against what I think is the
> intended use of behaviours. I guess the original idea was to have at
> most a behaviour per module, but more authoritative voices may have a
> word about this.
Any takers on this topic (meaning people involved in the design of course)

> If you was planning to have many of those behaviour combinations, the
> second option seems bad idea, as the result could be messy.
Wow, someone answered a question sent 7 days ago :-)


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