[erlang-questions] Predefined Registered Processes

Maruthavanan Subbarayan maruthavanan_s@REDACTED
Mon Jun 4 06:58:11 CEST 2012

I was wondering do we have any predefined list of registered processes listed down?
Because I did a small mistake by chance.
I registered my database supervisor as odbc_sup, after which erlang did not allow application:start(odbc) throwing the below exception
{error,{{already_started,<0.62.0>},        {odbc_app,start,[normal,[]]}}}=INFO REPORT==== 4-Jun-2012::10:23:24 ===    application: odbc    exited: {{already_started,<0.62.0>},{odbc_app,start,[normal,[]]}}    type: temporary
Later I found that odbc library of erlang tries to register its process but failing as my database supervisor has already started with same name. after renaming it worked.
So thought if we have such a place where it is listed down, it would be helpful to some like me; may be the list is big but still wanted to check it up.
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