[erlang-questions] Process migration/ Process state extraction/ injection

Paul Barry <>
Tue Jul 31 14:41:08 CEST 2012

Hi Tyron.

For my Masters thesis (way back in 2003), I looked at 'mobile agents'
as a technology area, and implemented a 'strategy' I came up with in
Perl.  What I did was look at how Perl's debugger handled a Perl
"process", then I used some of the debugging techniques to query the
process state, extract & bundle it all together, then ship the code &
the state to the new host... this worked reasonably well, and I was
able to prove my point.  It was/is a bit clunky, but it works!  :-)

I've an old(ish) website describing all of this here:

So... my suggestion would be to look at how some of Erlang's debugging
tools to see if you can attain inspiration...

Good luck.


On 31 July 2012 13:29, Tyron Zerafa <> wrote:
> Hello everyone,
>    Does Erlang support process migration? Meaning, is there a way in which I
> can stop a running process (A) on one node and resume it on another
> completely different node?
> If this is not supported, one way to go around it is to extract the process
> state before suspending it and somehow inject it into the new process on the
> remote node. Does Erlang provide such functionality?
> Any tips and suggestions on how one can extract/ inject the process state
> from/ into processes?
> - Thanks in advance
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