[erlang-questions] Replicated messaging in Erlang?

Adam Warski <>
Mon Jul 30 16:38:46 CEST 2012

> Adam, please take some time to walk through the rabbitmq documentation - there's quite a lot of it! Rabbit supports replication using HA (master/slave mirror) queues, or federation for replicating over the WAN/Internet. This does exactly what you've asked for.

I did some time ago, but either the docs got improved, or I just skipped a whole paragraph after reading "An exception to this are message queues, which by default reside on the node that created them, though they are visible and reachable from all nodes.". Anyway, all is clear now :).

> If you'd like to understand how it works, take a lot at gm.erl (guaranteed multicast) which is a fully asynchronous ring protocol developed independently at rabbit to support HA.

Thanks for the pointer!


Adam Warski


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