[erlang-questions] Replicated messaging in Erlang?

Adam Warski <>
Fri Jul 27 12:47:31 CEST 2012


I've been looking at the Erlang ecosystem, and coming from a Java world, I am wondering what is the "Erlang way" to implement the following.

The use case is very simple: I want to receive requests from users, and later process them asynchronously. However I want to be sure that if a request is received, it will be safe from single-node crashes, in other words, I want requests to be replicated across my cluster.

In Java I would implement it using a replicated message queue. However RabbitMQ doesn't have replicated queues, only the meta-data is clustered (as far as I know). Mnesia has replication, but then it is a database, not a queue (although you could probably implement a mq ontop od that, but I didn't see anybody doing that).

So how would you implememt this in Erlang? :)

Adam Warski

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