[erlang-questions] meck

Roberto Ostinelli <>
Wed Jul 25 07:30:55 CEST 2012

> Hi,
> you are mixing eunit generators with simple test cases. Did you mean this?
> get_config_test() ->
>   meck:new(mocked),
>   meck:expect(mocked, myfun, fun(Filename) -> ok end),
>   ?assertEqual(ok, get_config()),
>   ?assert(meck:called(mocked, myfun, ["test.config"])),
>   meck:unload(mocked).
> Normally, you should split meck:new and meck:unload to separate
> setup/cleanup functions. Because if a test fails and the module is not
> cleaned, it might unexpectedly do ill for your other test cases.

can't i use this in generators?

the reason why i didn't include unload is because of this:

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