[erlang-questions] Local namespaces in case/try

Siraaj Khandkar <>
Mon Jul 16 16:46:40 CEST 2012

On Jul 15, 2012, at 19:47, "Richard O'Keefe" <> wrote:

> On 15/07/2012, at 10:40 PM, Dmitry Groshev wrote:
>> So does OCaml:
> which is the runner-up for the title of "world's ugliest functional
> language".  The prize-winner is of course XSLT.
> I keep trying to use O'Caml for the excellence of its compiler,
> and keep being driven away by its ugliness.

Could you give some real code examples that you consider ugly in OCaml and beautiful in Erlang?

Siraaj Khandkar

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