[erlang-questions] Framework advise

Jayson Barley <>
Sat Jul 14 04:59:39 CEST 2012

I need to show a POC on a rewrite/redesign of an existing Java/CPP code
base. From my work with Erlang I believe it is the best choice for the job.
I am seeking some advise on what frameworks would be best to start with
that will meet my goals. See below for the details. I am willing to listen
to any feedback on which frameworks would be best or even if Erlang isn't
the best tool for the job.


   1. Web standards based - Must support HTML 5, JS, CSS, etc. I am
   2. Authentication - Users will need to be able to move from one server
   to another without losing their session.
   3. Template-able - I will need to be able to perform CRUD and retrieve
   data as HTML, XML, JSON, and possibly other formats in the future.
   4. Scalable - It must support at least 10,000 requests per second. It
   could be higher but based on the next requirement I am starting out small.
   5. Capable of streaming large amounts of data - It is possible that a
   REST request could contain millions of rows of data. This is rare but it is
   a use case that the existing Tomcat/IIS/Java Frankenstein currently does.
   6. MS SQL connectivity - Our existing database is MS SQL and that won't
   be easy to change so it needs to be able to connect to it.
   7. Testable - I will need to be able to write and run Unit, Integration
   tests. I am guessing that eunit and common test will cover this.
   8. Easily deployable - A new server will need to be deployed and
   configured in minutes. Something like Chef would be ideal since we are
   already using that in other areas.
   9. In place upgrades - When a new build is ready to deployed we should
   be able to deploy it, leave the previous version in place to roll back
   should an issue be found.
   10. Easy logging.

I think that is everything I can think of. If anyone has any questions or
recommendations on how to make this clearer please let me know.

Thank you in advance,
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