[erlang-questions] Erlang and bbcode

Marc Worrell <>
Thu Jul 12 11:13:05 CEST 2012

(and now also to Erlang Questions)

On 12 jul. 2012, at 10:45, Joe Armstrong wrote:
> That sounds like a very good idea. It would also be nice to see a move toward
> simplified HTML that is correct and validated. The trend has been towards
> more complexity HTML5 is a monster - it has a lot of wonderful things
> but is still a monster.
> I'd like to see tiny html
>   <tiny_html>
>      <h1>Why tidy</h1>
>       <p>&ldquot;Because ... &rdquot;</p>
>   </tiny_html>
> You can get a long way with just <h1> <p> and character entities.
> The above satisfies 50% of my markup need for text :-)

The Zotonic HTML sanitizer is used to remove any "dangerous" HTML.
As such it rejects all scripts, funny css extra's, object-tags etc. etc.
It also removes anything it doesn't know (ie. white list based).

And it rebalances the elements, so that the output is well formed.

We use it to process all incoming HTML from tinyMCE.

Have to think about anger etc, do they work well with external dependencies (like MochiWeb)?

- Marc

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