[erlang-questions] Looking for slides of a lightning talk

Thomas Lindgren <>
Wed Jul 11 12:47:39 CEST 2012

>Ok, just the slides are here: http://www.slideshare.net/dmitriid/erlang-sucks-euc-2012 (you can download them there as well)
>A PDF with some notes is here: http://www.scribd.com/doc/99721085/Erlang-Sucks-EUC-2012
>Notes isn't as good as talking in from of the audience, but oh well...

Funny talk, my take aways were these:

1. Too few dedicated erlang web programmers, so still a lot of DIY. This may be a bootstrapping/community issue. Which is nontrivial, by the way.

2. Packages: Let me gripe a bit. At work, we've had endless trouble with Ruby gems, some hair tearing with CPAN, and have spent a couple of man years on packaging for RH and Debian. The whole process is still pretty clunky and hacky. So not a solved problem in the rest of the world either IMO and the erlang way has some advantages. But I agree that more love is needed to catch up, especially on usability.

3. Image handling: I assume these image processing packages ultimately are wrappers for C/C++. At Diino, our next release (thanks Erik) will be using RabbitMQ to a collection of erlang workers that (ahem) invoke PIL through ports to generate thumbnails. Well, it's erlang much of the way ... 

NB: Writing efficient image code in erlang would be a sort of interesting project, even if it's reinventing the wheel. At this stage, probably mostly inspiration to those interested in compilers though.


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