[erlang-questions] Problem attaching a shell to an Erlang node started through SSH

André Graf <>
Fri Jul 6 00:27:56 CEST 2012


I am working on a small library that uses Python Fabric together with
Rebar deploying of Erlang applications. Fabric provides a scriptable
(it's Python) abstraction over SSH.
While I am able to deploy and upgrade new releases through such a
fabric script I struggle with a simple Erlang node startup.

A fabric call e.g. run("/path/to/my/release/bin/myproject start")
invokes following SSH command
ssh  "/bin/bash -l -c '/path/to/my/release/bin/myproject start'"

This starts the node and I can use the remote shell to operate on the
node. However, attaching a shell to the node triggers a strange
behavior, the shell is available but unusable. It seems the startup
through SSH has somehow confused the involved pipes.

Do you have any hints on that? I am using rebar 2.0.0 R15B
20120625_185716 git 2.0.0-45-gc41fda6.


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