[erlang-questions] Bug introduced in R15B01 gen_server.erl?

Sam Bobroff <>
Mon Jul 2 04:06:58 CEST 2012

Hi All,

After upgrading to R15B01, one of my gen_servers began crashing during
start up with {error, timeout_value}. The server is started via
gen_server:enter_loop and is globally registerd using a name of this form
{global, server_name}.

The reason seems to be these lines in gen_server.erl, which look like a
cut-and-paste error:

enter_loop(Mod, Options, State, ServerName = {Scope, _})
  when Scope == local; Scope == local ->
    enter_loop(Mod, Options, State, ServerName, infinity);

Should one of the guards be testing for global?

(I assume enter_loop isn't heavily used!)

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