[erlang-questions] Documentation on NUMA support in R15?

Tim McGilchrist timmcgil@REDACTED
Mon Feb 27 00:56:01 CET 2012

Hi James,

I'm no expert but I found this presentation by Kenneth Lundin useful in understanding how Erlang uses multiple cores.
It's from 2009 so it may not be entirely accurate.

I'd also be interested to hear from those in the know about Erlang on NUMA machines.


Tim McGilchrist

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On 27/02/2012, at 9:43 AM, james wrote:

> The release news item for R15A teases us with some information about NUMA-aware memory management.
> Is there any documentation (design or whatever) that discusses the way that the runtime manages resources o a NUMA system, such as scheduler interation with processes, process allocation to NUMA zones, and the way that port processes are started and managed (ie whether they are or can be bound onto a particular node)?
> Thanks
> James
> (I'm a noob - but interested in the idea of using erlang as a coordination resource for processes running as ports)
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