[erlang-questions] Delivery of messages

Scott Lystig Fritchie fritchie@REDACTED
Sun Feb 26 06:41:11 CET 2012

P.H.Welch <P.H.Welch@REDACTED> wrote:

pw> Hello - I'm new to Erlang but have been working on concurrency stuff
pw> for 27 years plus.  I'm afraid I want to ask a question asked many
pw> times before, but under specific conditions that I've not seen
pw> nailed down.  It's about the guaranteed delivery of messages.

Peter, I highly recommend reading "A Unified Semantics for Future
Erlang" by Svensson, Fredlund, and Benac Earle.  Shame it's a bit
difficult to find a full copy on the interwebz.  Me being the co-chair
of the workshop that year doesn't seem to help, alas.


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