[erlang-questions] Thoughts on EHE - the PHP killer

Tim Watson watson.timothy@REDACTED
Tue Feb 21 15:58:51 CET 2012

On 21 February 2012 12:26, Steve Vinoski <vinoski@REDACTED> wrote:
> Not really, but I don't think it would be hard to add. Currently, an
> out/1 function can return the {page, Page} directive to tell yaws to
> re-dispatch the current request to Page, which yaws expects to be an
> absolute URI path, but I think that's about it. I know for sure this
> works for appmods re-dispatching to files, and looking at the code I
> think it works for any general re-dispatch, but I've personally never
> tried it for anything other appmods re-dispatching to files.

Ok cool that's enough to get started. Now I just need to find 30 mins
of free time at some point this year to actually play with this! :)

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