[erlang-questions] very large networks of erlang nodes?

Miles Fidelman mfidelman@REDACTED
Thu Feb 16 19:40:44 CET 2012

Now that is cool!

Ulf Wiger wrote:
> It should be noted that there is an ongoing EU-funded research project 
> which aims to address the limits of the current fully-connected approach.
> http://www.release-project.eu/
> http://www.release-project.eu/documents/RELEASEfactsheetv6.pdf
> The high-level goal is to figure out how to build clusters of up to 
> 10^5 cores. We envision having to improve both SMP scalability (beyond 
> 100 cores per node) and Distributed Erlang scalability (more than 1000 
> nodes), and offer powerful and fault-tolerant standard libraries for 
> high productivity. One factor that speaks for Erlang in this realm is 
> that MTTCF (mean time to core failure) for a cluster of that many 
> cores, given current technology, could be less than an hour. This 
> necessitates a solution that can handle partial failure.

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