[erlang-questions] GFS/Hadoop implementation using Erlang?

Gustav Simonsson gustav.simonsson@REDACTED
Mon Feb 13 13:57:15 CET 2012


Riak supports LevelDB, which has similarities with BigTable which is built on GFS.


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Subject: [erlang-questions] GFS/Hadoop implementation using Erlang?

Hi there,

 I'm looking for some Erlang implementations of
Hadoop(HDFS)/GoggleFileSystem. any know implementations?
Any similar stuff?

I'm seeing potential use/needs for something using GFS/Hadoop(HDFS)
(especially with a nice map-reduce type implementation on top of it
with code/processing following locality of the file's chunks) and no,
I have issues with caffeine ;)

(And yes, it's a teleco with millions if not billions of records to
process etc. ;)

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