[erlang-questions] Common Test and base applications

Fred Hebert mononcqc@REDACTED
Sun Feb 12 06:19:11 CET 2012

I've recently discovered that Common Test appears to not be starting basic
applications such as kernel and stdlib, but it still starts things like
application controllers and whatnot.

This gives me a few problems because it breaks a few behaviours such as
application:which_applications(), being able to start a few applications
(they depend on stdlib and kernel. Sstdlib depends on kernel, and manually
starting kernel fails because  a bunch of processes already have that

It will also play negatively with things like manually calling
application:set_env/3 before starting an application to configure it (after
loading it) as just starting it will overwrite all values, etc.

This causes me a few problems because it forces me to test everything below
the application level, and I can't automate testing of things like
distributed applications and their failover/takeover mechanisms.

Is there any workaround for these problems?
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