[erlang-questions] The future of Erlang and BEAM

Radek poprosturadek@REDACTED
Sat Feb 11 17:22:40 CET 2012

Well, that's a good point. But it also shows that there is place for 
improvement. Because, it would be really come in handy when one could 
write correct, highly-concurrent, callback-free code (Erlang), using his 
favourite libraries/frameworks (Java) on a platform that his company 
uses (JVM).

Like I said, I like Erlang. This is the reason why I left Java etc, just 
because it's not nice to write something that has to be concurrent and 
(mainly at least) correct, not to mention development time (which is 
usually shorter in Java). But I sometimes think that we could make one 
step more and, as I would call it, join efforts (with JVM community, so 
to speak).


W dniu 2012-02-11 17:09, Miles Fidelman pisze:
> Radek wrote:
>> Well, I think it depends. It's true that using default concurrency 
>> libraries is quite difficult and error prone but as I said before, 
>> thare are others which mimics Erlang approach (and do it well, just 
>> looking at numbers).
>> But, I'm not sure if it's a good idea to run anything massively 
>> concurrent on JVM; that's one of reasons I've started this topic.
> The only way to run something massively concurrent on a JVM is to 
> write a collection of libraries that would look suspiciously like 
> BEAM.  So why bother?

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