[erlang-questions] The future of Erlang and BEAM

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Sat Feb 11 13:20:54 CET 2012

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Hi Ulf,

thank you very much for answer.

I understand that Erlang has been created in purpose of managing 
coordination complexity and it does it's job well.
But, maybe I'm a bit of devil's advocate, let's say that we (by which I 
mean mostly OTP team because of their knowledge of Erlang intrinsics but 
others too) could follow similar direction that Clojure's creator Rick 
Hickey took. Which means, to build Erlang on JVM, using tools that we 
already have (like earlier mentioned Java libraries, etc) and optimize 
it for using with JIT.

Of course, it's not obvious that (despite being big effort) it would 
bring desired performance (although, it seems it would) but some 
advantages for sure, like ubiquity of JVM, wide gremium of 
supporters/maintainers, ease of deployment (even single .jar maybe), 
access to huge variety of other languages and libraries, and even some 
minor things like proper module managament, etc.

As I said before, I'm rather novice in Erlang world (still digging 
through Erlang and OTP in Action) so all above may be 
wrong/incomplete/etc. I had this idea some time ago so I finally took 
decision to write about my concerns here.

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