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Hi Max,

Thank you for such a quick answer, it's nice to know there is someone to 
talk to

In posted question I indeed didn't exactly clarifiy what (probably) is 
so special about these (and others) libraries, so let me do it now.

1. LMAX Disruptor architecture is desribed in Martin Fowler's article 
here (long) - http://martinfowler.com/articles/lmax.html?t=1319912579 .
I got interested in it when I found it's being advertised as a "High 
Performance Inter-Thread Messaging Library" by which you can run huge 
number of concurrent tasks with minimal latency between each "thread" 
(nanoseconds order of magnitude). Of course, it's not "that simple" but 
still, the numbers are really amazing.

2. Java Chronicle library 
(https://github.com/peter-lawrey/Java-Chronicle) which describes itself 
as a "ultra low latency, high throughput, persisted, messaging and event 
driven in memory database". With their numbers (16 nano-seconds latency 
and throughputs of 5-20 million messages/record updates per second) I 
think oi could be easily used as a platform to build very low-latency 
message-queue or similar kind of middleware.

3. The well-known (it was mentioned on Erlang Factory) library Akka 
(http://akka.io/) which copies actor model, distribution and 
fault-tolerance from Erlang and again, looking at their numbers, tends 
to be faster than Erlang in terms of message passing latency (due to 
shared heap).

4. Kilim library (http://www.malhar.net/sriram/kilim/) which is somehow 
similar to akka, but just for message passing. Anyway, similar strength 
of zero-copy messaging.

And probably more, but that's what I remember the most.

One other thing is, that could be controversial, arising of Clojure 
(mainly it, but also other FP languages on JVM) which show that we could 
be faster just because of the Hot-Spot JIT compiler on JVM.

Of course, I could be all wrong, just because I'm rather a beginner 
(still) in terms of functional programming, Erlang, etc. But I wanted to 
know your opinion on the subject and maybe show me errors in the way I 
see this problem.

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