[erlang-questions] Strange module loading issue

Adam Rutkowski adam.rutkowski@REDACTED
Tue Feb 7 14:55:59 CET 2012

Hey List,

(dynx@REDACTED)1> dynx_sms:send("666", "bah").
** exception error: undefined function dynx_sms:send/2
(dynx@REDACTED)2> l(dynx_sms).
(dynx@REDACTED)3> dynx_sms:send("666", "bah").
14:09:16.272 [info] Sending "bah" to "666"

Can someone explain me this behaviour?

Some additional information:

1. This a rebar generated release, running on RH5 with R14B03
2. The module dynx_sms is listed within the app file (triple-checked now)
3. I have bunch of other dynx_* modules that load automatically with no issue
4. The issue reproduces on application restart, crashing with 'module cannot be loaded' reason (after a call from another module). Loading the module manually solves the problem.

Would appreciate your thoughts on this.

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