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In other news, prime minister Netanyahu declares that Joe Armstrong did not really invent Erlang and that Donald Knuth promised that language to his government a couple of centuries prior. He has since cut off water and electricity from Armstrong's house until the latter returns to negotiations. Armstrong continues to contend that giving him part of the 'io' module and denying him BIFs is not a generous offer!

End the blockade! Free Armstrong!


Ahmed Al-Saadi
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On Monday, February 6, 2012 at 7:38 PM, Steve Davis wrote:

> In:
> http://us.shalomlife.com/business/16634/swedish-israeli-payment-solution-company-takes-the-fear-out-of-online-shopping/
> There's this:
> "The company’s payment solutions,which are built using the Israeli
> programming language Erlang"
> ...wow, that's certainly news to me...
> /s
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