[erlang-questions] Orthogonality and Principle of least surprise Was: chained functions

José Valim jose.valim@REDACTED
Mon Feb 6 17:34:39 CET 2012

> This is a good principle, but Ruby does not heed it:
> http://stackoverflow.com/**questions/372652/what-are-the-**
> ruby-gotchas-a-newbie-should-**be-warned-about<http://stackoverflow.com/questions/372652/what-are-the-ruby-gotchas-a-newbie-should-be-warned-about>

Matz, the creator of Ruby, once said that the "Principle of Least Surprise"
applies to *him* and every person has different "surprises" since they
expect different things based on their past experience. It was not Matz
that came up with the term. For this reason, he said explicitly on Ruby
mailing list that a developer should never use this "principle" to persuade
him to add/remove/change a feature. And I hope the same applies here.
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