[erlang-questions] Simple NAT traversal

Edward Wang edward.yu.wang@REDACTED
Wed Feb 1 14:37:28 CET 2012

A tcp server itself is simple enough, but that's another piece of
software running on a separated machine. That's a big disadvantage. On
the other hand, a UPnP control point is something you can integrate
into your own application, given your NAT device speaks UPnP and you
want to deal with the protocol.


On Wed, Feb 1, 2012 at 9:19 PM, eigenfunction <emeka_1978@REDACTED> wrote:
> Thank you for the response. But before i wade into that territory,
> do you think it will be easier than just writing a tcp server?
> Anyway, i am going to check that out.
> On 1 Feb., 10:50, Edward Wang <edward.yu.w...@REDACTED> wrote:
>> If your NAT device supports UPnP, you can ask for its external address
>> using UPnP protocol. But there's nothing simple in it. UPnP is a
>> horrible protocol.
>> That said, if you do want to try this, you can check out UPnP
>> implementation in etorrent. I did that about one year ago for opening
>> port mapping. The related source code are
>> (https://github.com/edwardw/etorrent/tree/master/apps/etorrent/src):
>>     etorrent_upnp_sup.erl
>>     etorrent_upnp_proto.erl
>>     etorrent_upnp_net.erl
>>     etorrent_upnp_handler.erl
>>     etorrent_upnp_entity.erl
>> They are quite standalone and complete UPnP implementation. Take a
>> look at how add_port_mapping is implemented:
>>    https://github.com/jlouis/etorrent/blob/master/apps/etorrent/src/etor...
>> It should be easy enough to add your own get_external_address
>> function, which is defined in following specification:
>>    http://upnp.org/specs/gw/UPnP-gw-WANIPConnection-v1-Service.pdf
>> Regards,
>> Edward
>> On Wed, Feb 1, 2012 at 4:25 PM, eigenfunction <emeka_1...@REDACTED> wrote:
>> > Hi everybody,
>> > i have an erlang application running behind a nat. Now i have come to
>> > a point where i need to know my public ip. I was thinking about
>> > running a tiny tcp server behind the nat whose sole purpose would be
>> > to send me my public ip. My question is this: isn't there a more
>> > simple alternative? Heck, even if i could determine the public ip of
>> > the NAT device without doing a "backflip" it will be enough for my
>> > case.
>> > Any idea?
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