[erlang-questions] [ANN] LeoFS 0.10.0 released (S3-Compatible Cloud Storage System)

Yousuke Hara <>
Thu Aug 30 07:44:40 CEST 2012


We have released LeoFS v0.10.0. LeoFS is S3-compatible cloud storage
system with Erlang.
We released first version on github on July 4th.

- LeoFS site - <http://www.leofs.org/>
- LeoFS repository - <https://github.com/leo-project/leofs/>
- LeoProject repository - <https://github.com/leo-project/>

LeoFS v0.10.0 was improved and fixed as follows:

* Improve S3-API's compatibility
    * Add S3-authentication
    * Add S3-bucket
* Add S3-related command in LeoFS's manager
    * "s3-gen-key" : Generate a S3 key pair(AccessKeyID and SecretAccessKey)
    * "s3-set-endpoint" : Register a new S3 Endpoint
    * "s3-delete-endpoint" : Delete a S3 Endpoint
    * "s3-get-endpoints" : Retrieve all of S3 Endpoints registered
    * "s3-get-buckets" : Retrieve all of Buckets registered
* Improve order of system launch
    * Remove "attach command" in manager - After Storage launched, the
node's state is automatically changed to "attached"
* Improve rebalance-function's performance which is about 5 times
compare with v0.9.1
* Improve compact-function. Restrain storage's load when compact objects.
* Fix bugs
    * Deletion of Zero bytes in Storage
    * Behavior after the restart of Manager
    * Re-register procs into the Manager's monitor

LeoFS's document: <http://www.leofs.org/docs/>
and LeoFS's milestones: <http://www.leofs.org/docs/intro.html#milestones>

if you are interested in my project, Please feel free to contact me
(or us) anytime.
Thank you,

LeoFS lead developer
Yosuke Hara (Tokyo, Japan)

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