[erlang-questions] Graphing tools

dmitry kolesnikov <>
Mon Aug 27 14:45:57 CEST 2012


For Web application Google Visualization API is your friend.

Personally, I have been integrating rrdtools with erlang for same
use-cases (perf data visualization) but it becomes unscalable solution
due to rrd overhead, I've trashed it.

I do have a simple SVG toolkit for SVG rendering on Erlang side
It might be useful if you are ready to invest into visualization sugar...

Best Regards,
Dmitry >-|-|-*>

On 27.8.2012, at 15.15, kilgore trout <> wrote:

> Hello Langers!
> I'm looking for a graphing tool, anyone know of any useful libraries?
> I have piles of performance data in .csv format and a parser to read it into records. I have been trying to find patterns and draw some meaningful conclusions but it would be so much easier if I could represent it graphically.
> A quick google search shows up erlycairo, which I'm about to experiment with, but I see the latest downloadable is from 2009, anyone have any experience with this?
> Please save me from having to paste everything into (shudder) MS Excel! ;-)
> Thanks in advance.
> //KT.
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