[erlang-questions] Password generator in Erlang

Kenji Rikitake <>
Tue Aug 21 13:28:37 CEST 2012

Just FYI to you all:

An interesting paper how /dev/(u)random could fail
in an environment where external entropy is
very much restricted or biased.

(Two PDF files available; I suggest you to read
 the extended version of the paper.)

If you really want to make a secure password generator,
always think about how to get enough entropy,
preferably using a trustable hardware true RNG.

(And I suggest you to check your SSH host keys
 and SSL/TLS certs as well, at:

Kenji Rikitake
(Excuse me that this is not necessarily an Erlang topic,
 but I think this is enough related to the thread)

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