[erlang-questions] how to call mysql PROCEDURE in erlang ?(using erlang-mysql-driver)

kyletu <>
Wed Aug 15 06:38:23 CEST 2012

Hello,I want call mysql PROCEDURE  in erlang. but I get a error message...  
Is there somebody know how to do it? 

PROCEDURE  code:    CREATE PROCEDURE simpleproc_04()    BEGIN        select * from taokeeper_stat limit 10;    END
erlang call code:
    mysql:fetch(poolId,<<"call simpleproc_04">>).  
then I get the error message:
    mysql_conn:433: fetch <<"call simpleproc_04">> (id <0.44.0>){error,{mysql_result,[],[],0,0,                     "PROCEDURE taokeeper.simpleproc_04 can't return a result set in the given context",                     1312,"0A000"}}
Thanks to read it...

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