[erlang-questions] Sock.js and Cowboy - Example

Jai Gupta <>
Mon Aug 13 19:59:30 CEST 2012

> Here's the answer to your question on SockJS mailing list:
>   https://groups.google.com/d/msg/sockjs/m5UtBVcmJ_g/0M92khnAGmgJ

Thank you Marek for your detailed answer.

Both Sock.js and Cowboy are great projects and it was good experience of
having opportunity of using them.

I am trying to write some reasons so that you and can give your suggestions.

   - We aim to build a benchmarking client for performance analysis. This
   tool should be able to perform all sorts of actives that any user might do.
   Both, with SockJS & Cowboy do not have a client which I could use. SocketIO
   had a client which could be used in Node.js. However, SocketIO port of
   Erlang is looking as if it is not in active development.
   - Coming from C++/PHP background Erlang language is looking difficult.
   Working on Node.js was natural but performance of Node.js is not good. In
   our benchmark Node.js was performing 40k msg/sec using SockJS module and
   around 60k msg/sec when using ZeroMQ. Even PHP gives 400K msg/sec with
   ZeroMQ (although it has leaking

We are trying some basic prototype on other languages.

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