[erlang-questions] common test, test_server and ct_hooks

Tim Watson <>
Mon Aug 13 12:52:31 CEST 2012

I'm currently using the ct_hooks mechanism to do some automatic setup/teardown work between suites, groups and test cases. It works great, but I've discovered that under some circumstances, stashing framework specific information in the Config variable doesn't work, because when a test case fails (specifically with a time trap timeout failure) then the configuration set seems to disappear before it arrives in the hook's post_end_per_testcase handler. I've tracked the reason down to 1153 of test_server:

    %%! This is a temporary fix that keeps Test Server alive during
    %%! execution of a parallel test case group, when sometimes
    %%! this clause gets called with EndConf == undefined. See OTP-9594
    %%! for more info.
    EndConf1 = if EndConf == undefined ->
		  true ->

Where can I go and look at OTP-9594, as I can't understand why my test case configuration has disappeared and without this, I'll need to start storing the relevant information in an ets table (or equivalent) in order to work around this issue.


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