[erlang-questions] announce: midi and coca native driver (start of)

Joe Armstrong <>
Tue Aug 7 22:41:20 CEST 2012


I have make a start on a native (ie CoreMidi) driver for the mac
and a native nibless interpreted driver for cocoa.

The code is at:


The midi driver has been tested using VMPK (a virtual keyboard) and
with a korg nanoKEY2 (great fun).

The coca driver pops up a native window with  button and text fields
and implements a simple dynamic method call.

There is a small amount of documentation - enough to get started but not
publishable quality.

I am a complete beginner as regards objective-C and cocoa so I have no idea
if my program works by accident or design.

The method I use in the cocoa driver uses various rather nasty pointer casting
but appears to work.

Where do I want to go with this? - my goal is to write something like GarageBand
so I intend to write interfaces to the audio units and so on also to provide
tools for music notation and composition.

All feedback is welcome.


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