[erlang-questions] atom - limited to 255 characters

Kenneth Lundin <>
Mon Aug 6 00:08:48 CEST 2012

We are aware of the problem with the ASN.1 compiler when generating code
for certain asn1 modules containing very long names. This is because these
names and combinations of names are mapped to records ( which have names as
atoms). Until we find and implement another way of mapping these names in
the asn1 compiler the easiest workaround is to change the names inside the
asn1 module source to shorter abbreviations. Changes like that will not
impact the representaion in BER or PER.

Kenneth, Erlang/OTP at Ericsson
Den 4 aug 2012 06:30 skrev "Łukasz Kotula" <>:

> Hi,
> Few days ago I  came across a erlang limitation, atoms cant be larger then
> 255 characters.
> I am using asn1ct module to generate hdr,erl files but those generated
> atoms are to large.
> Is there any work around ?
> Best Regards,
> Lukasz
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